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I don't know. 3/4 of the scores are marginal, at 10% +/- 2% (My N was 88%)

It just seems to me that the questions are highly context dependent. Often, I was only able to give a decisive answer after parsing the question based upon effectively arbitrary interpretation.

And I have far, far more to say about other kinds of psychometric testing, never you fear ;)

Let's just put it this way: as a matter of principle, I don't take seriously any test I'm not allowed to study for.
Depends. How professionally-written was the test? I don't take seriously any test that lives on teh intarwebs, as a matter of principle.
MBTI is highly situtaional. It is also preferential. I prefer to act a certain way at work or home or socially. I "function" as an ISTJ at work. It also changes with time. I tested INTP before college and ENTJ in grad school. It's not an excuse for behavior. It's a tool for understanding why* we act the way we do - how we perceive the world.

*Who the hell really knows why human beings act the way they do? I sure don't.