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Now I totally get it:


The ease and panache with which he dispatches this pitchfork wielding, FOX-style questioning brings it home. Sic balls, Joe!
Talk about jaw-droppingly bad questions...
Coolest thing I've ever seen him do. The amount of pleasure I took in it also made me realize that no matter how much contempt I have for politicians, it's no match for my deep-seated loathing of pundits.
I actually thought the Marx question was an unexpected blind-squirrel-finds-a-nut moment: my only complaint is that it didn't go far enough. Almost nobody is cognizant of just how broadly and deeply communist rhetoric managed to soak through Western culture before its tide receded, and the damp rot is still there to a large extent. Obama is Marxist in about the same sense the majority of intellectuals are -- they have a head full of leftover commie tropes that have managed to become things that all right-thinking people believe, albeit blissfully unaware of their provenance.
Though come to think of it, Obama probably absorbed enough Marxism during his education that he's likely more cognizant than most.

(And yes, I went through a phase when I was younger . . .)