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To whom it may concern,

I'm writing to express my disappointment in KRTH for running commercials promoting Proposition 8, which would deny same-sex couples the dignity of marriage that heterosexual couples enjoy.

I understand that radio stations must sell advertising to keep the lights on. However, running a "Yes on Prop 8" ad is a tacit endorsement of bigotry and homophobia. Your recent heavy rotation of Elton John makes this especially ironic.

I urge you to consider the Civil Rights Movement in 1960s America, which provided the cultural backdrop for much of your playlist. In the fullness of time, laws banning same-sex marriage will seem as foolish as anti-miscegenation and Jim Crow. Your listeners appreciate nostalgia, but only to a point.

Pending a response to this letter and elimination of the "Yes on Prop 8" ads from your broadcast, I have removed KRTH from my autosets and am encouraging all of my friends and family, gay and straight alike, to boycott KRTH.

I hope you decide to do the right thing.

Also: I totally would have downloaded the new AC/DC album. But there's no way in hell I'm going to buy anything from WalMart. Seriously guys, you couldn't have sold it at Target, too?

oh come on..."the gays" are fine in entertainment. just like "the blacks" were/are. sammy was fine on stage with frank, but couldn't be seen near him come time for JFK's campaign.

it's called "know your place". it's the conservative way.
Yeah, and it's stupid.

There's a difference between standing idly by without confronting prejudice - which is not ok, but can sometimes be understood in a larger social context - and turning a profit off of the people whose rights your advertisers hope to append.

I know you know, I'm just not going to give them my patronage ;) Its the 21st fucking century already.
That should read, whose "burdens" they hope to append - sorry. Sleep dep.

Had a nice chat with a lesbian couple last night about all the extra paperwork they have to do to get the same benefits from their civil union in oregon that anyone married couple can get from any state just for being married.

Save the Trees: Support Same Sex Marriage!

Eliminate Bereaucratic Bloat: No on 8!