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Many have crafted analogies likening Barack Obama to Lincoln: Illinois attorney, short on experience, preternaturally articulate and bound to unite a nation divided.

Others have compared him to Kennedy: Young, sexy, forward-thinking, politically gifted Harvard man.

While my perception resonates with both to some extent, I would like to propose an alternative construction:

Barack Obama is The Reagan of the Left: He has (and will proceed to) revitalize and characterize the foundations of the Democratic party. He'll always be unpopular among hardline Republicans, but exceedingly popular among everyone else. Whether you agree with him or not: he's honest and unpretentious (or just pretentious enough) and WYSIWYG. Getting people to engage with each other despite their differences would be nice - but if they don't he's going to do what he thinks is right anyway. Twenty years from now, people running under the Democratic ticket will refer to themselves as "Obama Democrats" and drop his name as though 'twere breadcrumbs for voters to follow through the forest of political discourse. Libraries, hospitals and freeways will be named after him.

AND: he WILL survive the assasination attempt.
AND: he WILL survive the assassination attempt.

Right now I'm more worried about Michelle and the girls, honestly.