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Instead of rocking ass at Decom, Rand and I are staying home and enjoying our functional oven.

AWESOME: The oven attains, and REtains, 350 degrees. I am making a roast! A pot roast! OMG. OMG. OMG. I am so happy, I will probably make cookies for our landlords for replacing this thing.

ALSO: After 20(!) seasons, The Simpsons may no longer be revolutionary. That's normal for a long-lived project. Times change, and its unreasonable to expect that a continuous series will have the same impact on society for all time.  Like all products dependent upon craftsmanship (not mass production) the quality of The Simpsons waxes and wanes.

My personal favorite was 2000 - the year Lisa developed Bully Spray and Homer won a Pulitzer (and the family was banished to The Island, a la The Prisoner). Since then, there have been some seasons I've thought were just ok, and some I thought were stinkers.

However, the bit I've seen of Season 20 has had me laughing as hard as I've ever laughed at anything. Ever. In my life. Again: not necessarily revolutionary, but still (again?) at the top of their game. It's good shit. Mazel tov, guys.
Raymond's episode newest episode is on tomorrow night. :)

A lot of his episodes have been airing lately.. The 24 episode was on tonight, and the monkey suit was on this week too. It's been a raymond marathon.